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Administrative Field Experiences

Director of Special Education Field Experience

  • Supervisor: Holly Windram, Former Director of Special Education, St. Croix River Education District
  • University Supervisor: Janine Dahms-Walker, Associate Professor

K-12 Principal Field Experience

  • Supervisor: Sara Johnson, Former Associate Principal, Chisago Lakes High School
  • University Supervisor: Nick Miller, Former Associate Professor

Superintendent Field Experience

  • Supervisor: Andrew Almos, Superintendent, East Central Public Schools
  • University Supervisor: Roger Worner, Associate Professor

The attached logs outline the different administrative activities I took part in during my field experiences.  I gained valuable knowledge and skill across the core and sub-competency areas, logging a total of 320 hours for each licensure area.

In addition to my director of special education, principalship, and superintendency field experiences, I completed a teaching and learning internship (1050 hours) designed to increase my knowledge and skill in the following areas: curriculum, school organization, philosophy of education, and elementary and secondary schools.

Field Experience Term Projects

For my director of special education field experience term project, I was asked to summarize the stakeholder survey data collected by the Minnesota Department of Education's Continuous Improvement Monitoring Program (CIMP).  In order to produce a meaningful summary of the data, I had to re-enter the data into Excel spreadsheets, develop a systematic way of interpreting the data, and create a template for summarizing the data per stakeholder group.  The end product consisted of five single district summaries, as well as an education district-wide summary, highlighting data trends seen across the St. Croix River Education District.  I also had the opportunity to present my project to the Parent Advisory Council.  This project enhanced my communication skills related to communicating via different methods and to different audiences, allowed me to use data to determine appropriate staff development activities, and increased my understanding of state and federal regulations governing the monitoring of special education programs (Core Competencies F8 and J2; Director Sub-Competency A2).

For my principalship term project, I focused on providing information and/or training to teachers and parents regarding Section 504.  To address the teacher portion of my term project, I created training materials and implemented a teacher training at the beginning of each term.  To provide parents with information on Section 504, I created a parent-friendly brochure, incorporating answers to common questions as well as outlining the eligibility process.  Relevant contact information was also provided to parents in the brochure.  This term project has given me the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills in the following areas: understanding of state, federal, and case law governing general education, special education, and community education, ability to effectively communicate with different audiences, and ability to monitor the unique learning needs of students with disabilities (Core Competencies D3 and F8; Principal Sub-Competency B6).

For my superintendent field experience term project, I was asked to summarize teacher contract data from multiple neighboring and comparable districts for contract negotiation purposes.  In order to produce a meaningful summary of the data, I created a google spreadsheet that included two tracks a teacher might follow - one for the teacher who earns additional education at a slow and steady pace and one for the teacher who quickly earns additional education and progresses through the salary schedule at a much faster rate.  In my review of all the contracts, I learned how difficult it is to compare "apples to apples" and had to do my best to draw fair comparisons. This was a great experience that required me to develop a systematic way of interpreting teacher contract data, as well as create a template for summarizing data that would be meaningful to the district's negotiation team.  In addition to this prep-work, I had the opportunity to participate in a series of negotiation meetings with the district attorney, superintendent, board members, business managers, and teacher union members.  My field experience supervisor shared a helpful negotiation meeting notetaking template, as well as the proposal tracking template that I gained experience in using.  This term project enhanced my understanding of the importance of teacher contract language, the negotiation process as a whole, and strategy and communication skills related to negotiating contracts (Core Competencies F3, F5, J6, J7; Superintendent Sub-Competencies D1, E1).


Holly Windram
Former Director of Special Education
St. Croix River Education District
Current Executive Director
Michigan Education Corps
3075 Orchard Vista Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 301-8000

Sara Johnson
Former Associate Principal
Chisago Lakes High School
Current Principal
Lakeside Elementary School
10345 Wyoming Ave
Chisago City, MN 55013
(651) 213-2301

Andrew Almos
East Central Public Schools
61085 MN-23
Finlayson, MN 55735
(320) 245-6001

Janine Dahms-Walker
Associate Professor
St. Cloud State University
B109 Education Building
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 308-2946

Nick Miller
Former Associate Professor
St. Cloud State University
Contact information is not available

Roger Worner
Associate Professor
St. Cloud State University
A1201 Education Building
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 308-4265

Letters of Recommendation

Current Areas of Licensure

Currently, I am certified as a PreK-12 School Psychologist, K-12 School Counselor, Director of Special Education, and K-12 Principals.  I will be eligible for my Superintendent license in summer of 2018.

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